Coinvexed (David Penn)

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Note: This is a pre-owned item. Good working condition. Comes with original DVD (running time approximately 36 minutes) and special gimmick.

Effect: After signing a coin the spectator experiences something extraordinary as the signed coin bends within their own hands. The spectator can then keep the coin as a souvenir that freezes the moment of magic forever.

No switches! The coin that the spectator has signed is the same coin that bends. Only the coins and the sharpie are seen and the sharpie is perfectly normal. No special chemicals! Just a diabolically clever gimmick that hides in full view.

“David Penn has the best solution for a signed, bending coin routine I have ever seen! This is sure to become a regular performance piece for many professional magicians.” – Nicholas Einhorn, Magic Circle Close-Up Centenary Magician

“Finally, a coin bending gimmick that I actually want to use!” – Marc Spellman, leading European mentalist

“This is too good to sell!” – Braco, World renowned inventor and magical historian

“This is what we have come to expect from David Penn. Revolutionary new thinking and an expertly structured routine that is now destined to become a modern classic!” – Chris Priest, Millennium Champion of Close-Up Magic

“Charlie the Chicken and I never leave home without it and we look forward to damaging the economy forever!” – Max Somerset, TV magician and star of “Max Magic”