Spiked Coin (Royal Magic)


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The magician places a half dollar (or the plastic coin supplied) inside a solidly constructed plastic box, puts on the lid, and then proceeds to push eight solid plastic spikes completely through the box, and apparently right through the coin as well!

They see the each spike enter the hole at the top of the box and emerge out through the bottom hole of the box. When initially placed into the box the spectators can plainly see that the coin takes up the entire bottom area of the box with no room to spare. There is no way that the spikes can be placed around the coin, so they must penetrate through it.

To finish, the eight spikes are removed from the box and the lid is removed. There resting on the very bottom is the coin completely unharmed.

Very easy to do. Supplied with the box, lid, spikes, and instructions.

Color of the box and spikes you receive may be different from that pictured.