Color Changing Wreaths


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Effect: The magician displays three white wreaths and three different colored ribbons. One of the white wreaths is put in a cloth black bag with a hole in the center. The red ribbon is now pushed through the hole in the middle of the bag and when the wreath is removed it is found to be colored red! This is repeated with the other two white wreaths, transforming them into blue and yellow wreaths!

Finally all three colored wreaths are placed in the bag, and all three ribbons are pushed through the hole in the center of the bag. When the wreaths are removed, the magician finds nothing has apparently happened. He still has the three wreaths in three different colors. Performer tosses the three colored wreaths into the air, and they visibly and instantaneously transform into a giant TRI-COLORED WREATH, three times larger than the original wreaths!

A really beautiful and colorful routine, suitable for stage use, as used by some of the world’s top performers. Wreaths are approximately 9″ in diameter, and the bag measures 14.5″ by 12.5″ in size.