Comedy Jumbo Foam Bang Wand


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This jumbo comedy bang wand (18 inches long by 1-3/4 inches in diameter) is great for all types of children’s entertainers from magicians to clowns, or even the stand-up comic.

Here’s the breakdown: Looking at one end of the wand you’ll note a Champagne Party Popper stuck into it. This is the muzzle of the wand. Hanging from the other end is a large tag, that states DO NOT PULL!

The ribbon is attached at the other end to the party popper. When the tag is pulled, or held and the wand pulled, the popper goes off, with the obvious result. To re-load, simply feed the ribbon through the end opposite the end with the pipe allowing stoppage of the party popper, then tie a new popper to the ring on the ribbon. Push the popper into the wand with a slight twisting motion, until it is seated, and you are ready to go.

TO USE THE WAND, hand it to a child and ask them to hold the wand BUT TO MAKE SURE NOT TO PULL THE TAG. Later go back to the child and whisper to hold on to the tag tight and don’t let go. Take the wand from the child and start to pull away and the popper will go off with a bang and shoot streamers. ALSO, you can goad the child into pulling the tag, but for the sake of safety, YOU should be holding the wand, so you know where it’s pointed.

Note: Comes supplied with a dozen Champagne Party Poppers as pictured.