Conjuring by James Randi, Esq.


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“Conjuring” is an illustrated book by James Randi. Randi gives a detailed history of conjuring, more commonly known as magic, said to be the world’s second oldest profession. It includes detailed portraits of conjurors, including:

Harry Blackstone, Sr.
Harry Blackstone, Jr.
Harry Houdini and his entourage
Howard Thurston
Robert Heller
Joe Berg
and others

Randi explains the history of famous magic tricks like the Rabbit from a Hat, Bullet Catch, and the Indian Rope Trick.


ix An Apology
xi Introduction

1 In the Beginning . . .
2 A Rabbit from a Hat & The Fabulous Indian Rope Trick
3 Conjuring in Early Europe
4 The American Philadelphia, Professor Pinetti, & L’Escamoteur Philippe
5 Anderson, Wonderful Wizard of the North
6 Robert-Houdin, the Innovator
7 Conjuring in the New World: The Brothers Davenport &. Their Spirit Cabinet
8 Melies the Moviemaker
9 The Maskelyne Dynasty
10 The Ubiquitous Herrmanns
11 Catching Bullets
12 Chung Ling Soo, the Marvelous Chinese Conjuror
13 Lafayette, the Quick-Change Artist, & the Boscos
14 Hofzinser, the Great Amateur, & Robert Heller, Musician-Magician
15 Horace Goldin’s Buzz Saw & The Comedians de Mepihisto Co.
16 Kellar, the Man Who Spoke with Devils, & Thurston, King of Cards
17 The Two Dantes
18 The Bamberg Family
19 The Two Blackstones
20 Sorcar and Gogia Pasha of India
21 Houdini, the Elusive American
22 The Richiardis
23 The Mandrakes
24 The Self-Liberators
25 The Manipulators
26 The Mentalists
27 The Pickpockets
28 The Children’s Entertainers and the Street Workers
29 Far Eastern Wonders, Then and Now
30 Modern Wizards

Special Thanks
Definitions of Some Terms Used in Magic and Stage Work
A List of Magicians, Then and Now
A List of Magic Dealers
A List of Magical Periodicals and Organizations
About the Author

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Pages: 314
Location: New York, USA
Dimensions: 8″x11″
Date: 1992
Binding: Hardbound