Thread Reference (Leo Behnke)


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A wonderful and very informative booklet on invisible thread by one of magic’s most knowledgeable magicians, Leo Behnke.

People love to see things move, animate or float. It arrests their eyes, captures their minds, and speaks of magic. Invisible threads provide you the means to produce incredible effects, and these secret aids are easier to handle than you might imagine. In a reasonably short time, you will realize thread work can be predictable and dependable. The important but difficult part is learning how to keep a spectator from thinking, “O.K., where’s the thread…”

Developing a method of convincing the spectator that you are not using thread is far more challenging than learning how to handle the thread. This is a vital step in creating ‘magic’ in the minds of the spectator. The secrets and methods revealed in this book can form the nucleus to legendary magic.

The book is 45 pages, illustrated with nice drawings and is very explanatory. You will learn the in’s and out’s of thread-work.

Chapter One

A Little Background
The Materials
Surgical Thread
Elastic Thread
Wax, Tape, and Plastic
On a Prop

Chapter Two

Some Close-up Tricks
Wisenheimer Variation
Variation of a Variation
A Stand-Up Bill
A Stand-Up Card
The Knife Spread
Rising Ice
The Chase
Haunted Deck
The Rising Cards
British Brilliancy