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A beautiful, custom printed ESP Deck on robust resilient stock. Every card in this fully-customized ESP deck features a traditional ESP symbol (in Red or Black), a random word and a high-quality image printed on the face. This beautiful design was carefully constructed to look like a genuine scientific testing tool, as if they were taken directly from an organization that was actually testing extra sensory perception.

However, this is just the beginning…

Masterfully hidden within the back of every card is a deceptive marking system that allows you to quickly identify both the symbol and color of the card. Then, using Adam’s devious secondary system, you will be able to reveal both the word and the picture.

To your spectator, each phase gets progressively more impossible and impressive. Yet, for you, all you need is one brief glance at the crystal-clear marking system to learn all this information. You can turn a single selection into a mind-blowing effect.

Here’s the best part…



The deck does most of the work for you. Anything you would need to remember is printed right on the card box and can be left in plain view. Nobody will suspect a thing.

Each Darkwave ESP deck includes:

1 custom-printed gimmicked ESP deck
1 double-backer gaff card
1 blank-facer
4 double facers
A full-color instructional booklet

You’ll also receive access to a massive 90-minute download that will teach you everything you need to know to start using this the Darkwave ESP Deck right away, including four KILLER ROUTINES that are going to blow your audiences away!

“Wow, a refreshingly new and original take on the ESP Deck! This is an awesome bit of kit for any working or aspiring mentalist. The teaching is superb and the effects taught are brilliant. It’s mysterious, unique, fun & an all round high quality product. Recommended” Steve Dela

“This is a killer deck of ESP cards! The production is beautiful and the download is jam packed with incredible ideas. But, for me, it is the method that is absolutely mind melting! It is so clever and so easy to grasp! This is something every mentalist will want in their case!” Jamie Daws

“This takes ESP Decks to another level.” – Real Magic Reviews

“A knock out in the ESP genre! Like, mind-blowing outrageously good!”
– Straight Talk Magic Reviews

“One of the best things I’ve seen in YEARS!”
– Jordan Murphy

The Darkwave ESP deck is an incredibly powerful magic and mentalism tool that is absolutely LOADED with special features!