Departure Ring Flight (Improved)


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Effect: Borrow a ring , and in the cleanest way, you vanish it at your fingertips! Both hands are clearly empty. Reach into your back pocket and produce your keys – and their ring is on your key ring!

Introducing the world’s most impossible and invisible Ring Flight. Departure is a pull-style flight built into a key fob that fits on your key chain.

Notes from the maker Chris Smith:

Departure was first released in 2008 and I’ve performed it thousands of times. I took my time redesigning this new and improved version. I’ve added all new features and made it as tough as a battleship. Plus I kept the price the same.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the new features and improvements:

Smaller Housing – takes up even less space on your key chain. Plus I added some handsome lock icons to give it an even more realistic look.

Longer Cable – I increased it from 18” to 24”. This allows you to display the ring even further away from you body before the vanish. Also good if you like to perform wearing a jacket.

Teflon Cable – Designed for years of service – WILL NOT SNAP OR BREAK.

Extra Bushing – There’s an extra bushing on the housing where the cable emerges to cut down even more on friction. Friction is the enemy of a good flight.

Carabiner Clip – Makes it easy to get any size ring on the clip without even looking. Plus it just looks cool – like you just finished scaling Everest!

Wherever you go, Departure goes. Built to withstand heavy use. Departure is a Ring Flight that can withstand the CLOSEST scrutiny. It’s whisper silent and mega powerful.

Included in the online instructions, Derek Roberts teaches his Shirt Vanish – a way to cleverly vanish any ring right under spectator’s noses.

You’ll also learn a stunning ring and key transpo, which climaxes with their ring appearing your key chain!