Devil’s Hook – Plain Blue


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You’ll defy the laws of gravity with this one!

A small blue plastic hook is shown and placed on the tip of the finger and then let go. As you would expect the hook falls to the floor.

Now for the unexpected event. The performer places his or a spectator’s belt into the hook and places the assembly onto his fingertip once again. The performer asks the spectators if they think the belt and hook will fall quicker or at the same rate as before without the belt.

Whatever the answers received, when the performer releases his hold on the hook/belt combination, to the surprise of all, the belt and hook remain mysteriously suspended from the performer’s fingertip in a most amazing manner defying all know laws of gravity!

No threads, magnets, or sticky substances used.

This is an old timer but still as effective today as when first introduced for those who don’t know it.

You receive the special plastic hook only. Use any belt you may have around the house. Some belts may work better than others.