Dice Dexterity by Audley V. Walsh


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Magic dice! They stack up, vanish, appear, grow larger, shrink smaller, and act in general like they are alive. It’s a trained circus with dice. This leading expert gives his all in this sensational book of acrobatic dice and magic dice. Explained so you can do it! Dozens of large, clear illustrations combined with a meticulous text reveal every detail. 32 pages.

Contents include:

4 Dice Stacking
8 Upsey Dicey and Other Stacks
15 Patriotic Dice, Chink-A-Chink
19 Pick Ups and Sucker Gags
29 Mini-Die and Others

From the Introduction:

While some of the sleights are not new, many improvements have been made. Many of the ideas incorporated in this book are Audley’s own brain children and have never seen the light of print before. Let it be known that dice stacking and dice manipulation have been used and known to the world’s greatest dice men in gambling casinos for hundreds of years. Here is your chance to learn and do the feats which have made them legendary for their skill.

Note: You must supply your own dice cup and dice, and other items mentioned in the book.