Die Tunnel (Jumbo)


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Let this clever magic tunnel help you perform a perplexing little mystery.

The basic effect is fast and simple effect but you can build your routine to be as long as you want!

A large 1-1/2″ square die and a 6″ long tube, that is just wide enough for die to pass through, is freely shown. The die is pushed through the tube and magically the spots on the face of the die change! Doesn’t seem to be possible as the die has no room to turn in the tube. Very clever!

The die is not gimmicked and has the regular numbers from one to six on it, yet when you push it into the tube with one number showing on the face, another number will appear when it exits from the other end of the tube! This will drive them crazy!

May be instantly repeated!

Die may be examined before and after!

Great close-up effect but is large enough to be performed from a slight distance as well.

You can start with any of the six numbers on the die!

No secret setup!