Drawn Out (Mark Mason)


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The original effect put out by Martin Lewis and called “Cardiographic” went like this: A card is selected from a shuffled deck. A picture of the deck is drawn, and the selected card rises from the picture!

A knockout effect, but now, Mark Mason has put a terrific spin on the routine. It starts out as you would expect. A card is selected from a shuffled deck. Now, you draw a picture of the deck of cards on the back of the deck! As you hold the deck with the picture facing the audience, the selected card rises out of the picture!

It looks absolutely amazing! And, you are able to hand out the drawing as a souvenir.

They will find nothing, because there’s nothing to find!

“Drawn Out” is easy to do. Comes complete with everything you need. You just add a regular Bicycle poker-size deck. A great walk-around effect!