Dunninger’s Complete Encyclopedia Of Magic


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This came from an old magician’s estate purchase. Good pre-owned condition. Dust jacket has some minor faults but nothing too serious. Interior pages are like-new.  Black cloth with the dust-jacket. 288 pages, with many  illustrations.

Joseph Dunninger (1892 1975), known as ‘The Amazing Dunninger’, was one of the most famous and proficient ‘mentalists’ of all time. He was one of the pioneer performers of magic on radio and television. He was a friend of the famous Houdini. A debunker of fraudulent mediums, Dunninger claimed to replicate through trickery all spiritualist phenomena.

This book is a gem. There are magic tricks of every genre.The presentation is perfect for application during frat parties,public gatherings and a variety of other entertainment scenarios.Some of these trick demonstrations come from every imaginablecircus routine. The beauty of the book is that each trickis explained and drawn to scale for ease in replication.For instance, the individual napkin folds are depicted inconnection with a series of napkin tricks. There is an extensivesection on how to make a puppet which includes the controller,hand and arm control, body control, wrist, knee, head, neckand torso threading. In addition, the back of the book containsmuch detail about the personal history of the author. The workis highly recommended.

Dunninger’s Complete Encyclopedia of Magic is a must have for anyone interested in the art and craft that is magic. This book covers magic in all it’s forms from the early stage magic of vaudville days, simple techniques and tricks that can be made with ordinary household objects, to the best illusions of all time. A magician’s must have book like no other, Dunninger’s Complete Encyclopedia of Magic will surely please the curious as well as the professional magician.