Educated Duck (India)


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An all-time classic is reborn with the presence of this wonderful trick!

Three cards are selected from a regular deck of playing cards. The spectators are asked to remember their selections, and then replace them back into the deck, which is thoroughly shuffled. Now the cards are placed into a holder (houlette) that is mounted in front of the wooden duck. All at once, the duck opens its mouth, bends forward and plucks out the first spectator’s card!

This is repeated for the other two spectators with equal success!

Great for any audience!

You receive the wooden card duck with swivel houlette and detailed operating instructions. No cards supplied. Use any decks you may have, as the effect does not depend on gimmicked cards.

Please note that you are not locked into working with only three cards. You can have the duck reveal more or less cards as you see fit. Also, you can use alphabet or number decks with equal success. With the alphabet deck the duck can spell out a person’s name or a city or state, etc.

With the number deck, the duck can reveal a mentally selected number, one digit at a time, etc.

Of course you could combine all three type of decks for some really novel routines. Lots of room for some comedy here as well.

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