Egg in Newspaper


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This came from an old magician’s estate purchase. Comes with the original instructions and the special gimmick attached to an old newspaper that has started to tone from age. Once you understand the operation of the trick the gimmick can be removed from the old newspaper and attached to a new newspaper.

Effect: A tabloid size newspaper is shown front and back. It is then folded in half and placed under the performer’s arm for a moment. An egg is then broken into a glass. The glass is left sitting on the table while performer takes a folded newspaper from under his arm and opens the paper with his fingertips. Having separated the pages at the top, he holds the paper with one hand, takes up the glass full of egg, and pours the egg into the folded paper. The glass is put back down on the table and the newspaper is unfolded so the full page can be seen by spectators. Then it is further unfolded so the full double sheet is shown, back and front. The egg mess has completely vanished! Now the newspaper can be crumpled into a ball and tossed aside or refolded and put into a jacket pocket or laid on the table.