Moonbeams – Magic-Ian’s Mylar Mouthcoils


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We acquired this from an old magician’s estate. Everything was still sealed inside the original poly bag. We removed everything for inspection and for taking the picture.

These are one of the most exciting visual productions in the annuals of magic! That is why they are a featured part of Jeff McBrides act.

Shiny streams of silky smooth mylar. tMost performers use them as a production from their mouth. Jeff McBride offers suggestions that can make their use a major part of your act.

You receive a six- pack of the coils and like the standard mouth coils, you pull out the center and begin the production and you have many yards of production coil flow from what appears to be coming nowhere.

With Moonbeam the coils flow so smoothly and they can be used as toss streamers also. Simply pinch the little center tab of the coil between your thumb and index finger tips and hold it tightly and with a tossing motion throw the coil out to the audience and VOILA you have a fantastic visual effect. Scoop up the coils and after the show have your assistant rewind them for the next show.

You also receive a small vial of sparkle glitter for creating an extra special touch with your coils which is all explained with the instructions you receive.