The C. C. Paperfold (Presto Magic Studio)


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A powerful potpourri of pleasant possibilities featuring the Too Fat Santa, The Shrinking Card, The Magician’s Diet, and A Magic Nightmare!

Concept and routines by C. C. Allen.

Here’s the effect for the Too Fat Santa paper. The magician shows a sheet of paper with a drawing of a very fat Santa Claus. Passing the paper behind his back, the magician shrinks Santa to half his size, then again to one fourth the original size. But wait a minute! The paper has been folded (say the kids), let’s see the other side! The magician, after suitable byplay, does indeed show the backside. And it’s a drawing of Santa’s back. Unfolding the paper to its original size, he shows a final “Merry Christmas” message which takes up the entire opened page!

The C. C. Paperfold has a lot going for it. It packs flat, it is very entertaining, and it will fool most of the people most of the time.

You also receive patter and handling for the other three papers in the set. All in all a great set of entertaining routines you’ll love to perform whenever you get the chance.