El Duco’s Color Dice


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This came from an old magician’s estate purchase. Comes complete with the original instructions. Note: The original instructions mention different colored dice so you will have to change those names with the colors you have with this set. Also you will need to supply your own pen with a clip as used in the routine. The original instructions call the pen a Gem.

Effect: This routine is full of surprises which the finely made apparatus makes as easy as possible for you. Discerning magicians will enthuse over the particularly clever color change which is so clean that it appears like real magic.

Two cards are shown each of which has a different colored die printed on it’s face; one is black and the other is blue. A spectator has a perfectly free choice of any card and this card is placed back outwards under the clip of a fountain pen outside the breast pocket – the card being visible the whole time.

A real RED die is now taken from the pocket, tossed into the air, then placed on top of the closed left fist. The right forefinger pushes the die into the fist and as it emerges from the other end, it is seen to have changed color and is now Yellow! Both hands are shown to be otherwise empty.

The card is removed from under the pen clip and it is found that the die printed on its face has also changed to YELLOW. Finally the other card is picked up from the table and placed face-to-face with the chosen card. When the cards are opened and the faces shown, both now have a YELLOW die printed on them!

Note: The two real dice measure about 7/8 inches per side.