Red Button (Laurent Mikelfield)


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Effect: Take a small sharp knife out of your pocket, and cut a button from your shirt. Pull a few other colored buttons from your pocket, and ask a spectator to pick a color. Place the button that the spectator chose in a piece of flash paper. Set the small package on fire, and it’s all gone in a flash!

The colored button instantly re-appears on your shirt. It is sewed on your shirt, and can be fully examined. There is nothing to hide!

And what gets even better, is that it takes less than five seconds to reset!

Includes gimmick and DVD instructions.

Very easy to perform!
No sleight-of-hand!
Almost self working!
Examinable before and after!
The button is sewed on the shirt!
Instant reset!

The spectator can touch the button on the shirt, you have nothing to hide!

NOTE: This DVD is PAL formated and will not play in NTSC players. However, this DVD will play on computers with DVD-Rom drives and appropriate software.