Abbott’s Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks For Magicians


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If you like to do rope tricks – this book is definitely a must for your library! Stewart James has compiled a fantastic array of every feat imaginable with ropes. Chapters include: Knots, Penetrations, Cut and Restored Card, Miscellaneous Rope Tricks and a special chapter on the famous Hindu Rope Trick. All of the famous magicians have contributed to this great volume. 400 pages, fully illustrated by Sid Lorraine and Howard Melson.

Enlarge your magic repertoire and amaze your friends with mystifying rope tricks you can easily learn from this legendary encyclopedia of rope tricks for magicians. Containing over 150 tricks, many created by masters of rope magic, this book shows you step by step how to perform the best rope tricks ever devised. And no matter how often you refer to it, this book will remain a complete and informative reference work that will be a valuable addition to your magic library.

Grouped into nine chapters from knots and penetrations to cut and restored rope and more, this collection presents such effective tricks as Ralph Hull’s Famous Vanishing Knot, C. T. Jordan’s Mystifying Knot Trick. The Ropes and Rings Mystery, Loop the Loop, Nevil Maskelyne’s Leg Tie, Jordan’s Psychic Ring Release, The Famous Kellar String Trick, Stanyon’s String Restoration, Carl Brerna’s Knotted Rope, The L. W. Simplicity Rope Restoration, Jamison’s Severed Rope, Liddle’s Phenomenal Rope Trick, The Tarbell Rope Mystery, The Encore Rope Trick, Eddie Clever’s Triple Cut Routine, Marvel Cut and Restored Rope, Maxam Triple Cut Rope Trick, The Bachelor’s Needle, Freer’s Master Muscle, The Hypnotized Rope, Grant’s Amazing Rope Secret, and many, many more.

A special last chapter offers seven versions of the mythical Hindoo Rope Trick. Each trick is clearly and precisely described, and 510 illustrations add to the detailed presentation.

Rope tricks are always popular and this authoritative, comprehensive work on the subject gives the methods that the best rope magicians have used in their performances. Revealing the secrets of rope magic normally known only by professional magicians, this indispensable book is required reading for all aspiring and practicing magicians.

Republication of the 3rd (1945) printing of the work originally published by Abbott’s Magic Novelty Co. under the title Abbott‘s Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks