ESP Marked Deck – Black ESP Symbols


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ESP cards that have hidden marks on the backs.

The standard ESP deck with the five Zener Designs is a magician’s dream with some amazing demonstrations possible of apparent Clairvoyance, Precognition, ESP, Parapsychology, Second Sight, Telepathy, or other Psychic demonstrations.

This is a Poker sized deck of ESP Cards which are so subtly marked on the backs that no one can tell their identity, but you know the secret. And once you know the secret, you can read these cards in an instant.

You could of course use these as a regular ESP deck, to perform dozens of effects possible. The marking now adds an added dimension to the possibilities.

This is a deck of ESP Zener designs all with black designs. This more closely resembles the original Rhine Deck.

As an added bonus, we give you 3 “psychic” effects possible with these cards, any of which are well worth the price of the deck.If you are interested in Mental Close-up effects, this is a prop well worth the investment.