Flash Cube T-301 (Tenyo)


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A six-sided illusion!

Instantly complete the puzzle!

Random puzzle blocks instantly transform into a completed animal image, and then continue changing into other animal pictures. The puzzle can even change into the animal selected by your audience! Amazingly, all the props are completely examinable, with nothing to find! This trick has confounded professional magicians, and now you can baffle audiences of your own with this impossible puzzle effect.

Props included: Four cubes, one set of stickers, box with lid and bottom, six animal cards, and an instruction sheet.

1. Four puzzle cubes, when combined, can form six different animal illustrations.

2. Place the examined box lid over the jumbled cubes. There is no room for the cubes to move.

3. Focus attention on one animal displayed on a single cube, and replace that cube with the others.

4. Make a magical gesture and remove the lid. Amazingly, all of the cubes have transformed to the completed puzzle of that animal!

5. Next, the illustration changes again and again, forming into different animals.

All of the props can be examined by the audience!

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCF4oH03Mi4