Fortune Telling (Book) from The New London Day Newspaper Company (Scarce)


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About this Item: Agency of the People (Frederic J. Haskin/ Providence Evening Bulletin, Providence, R.I., 1949 second edition (originally published in 1937).  Text is clean, no writing. A promotional pamphlet apparently distributed by the Providence Evening Bulletin (and probably many other newspapers) gives readers an introduction not only to fortune telling, but also astrology, dream interpretation, recognition of omens, weather superstitions, marriage traditions, and much other lore for novices curious about the occult. Hard to find. Cover shows a turbaned, bearded swami character gazing at a crystal ball. A preface notes that Haskin operates the “Agency of the People,” a Q&A service, which is the apparent publisher of this pamphlet.

Published by “The Haskin Service” for the New London Day Newspaper in New London, Connecticut. It is a second edition, 1949. Both covers are separated from the book and they are stained from someone having taped them together with the old style Scotch Tape. Most all the interior pages of the book are in very good undamaged condition. The first and last page also have some staining from the old style scotch tape used to hold the covers in place. Staple bound; 47 page