Four Ace Intro’s (Ken de Courcy)


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There are many four ace routines available.

This book is dedicated to the introduction of the four Aces (or any other four of a kind) to be used in any four-card routine.

From the simple to the ultra-flashy…..”Four Ace Intro’s” teaches you how to exhibit in a way that will thrill your audience.

Soft covers, staple bound, 24 pages.

Contents includes:

Age Does Not Weary Them

Bottoms Up

Two-Handed Catch

Kort Aces

Delayed Action

Visible Changing Aces

Dropped Aces

Observant Aces

Gliding Aces

Blind Aces

P-A-T-E-O  Aces

Any Which Way

Penetrating Aces

Devil’s Aces

Changed Aces

Glass Aces

Down Under

Australian Poker