Fraidy Cat Rabbit (Gene Gordon)


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Good pre-owned working and cosmetic condition.

This is an early version without the feet attached to the base of the holder.

Some minor paint issues but otherwise very nice.

Comes with a copy of the original Abbott’s Magic Company instructions.


The performer displays a wooden stand or holder, 9-1/2 inches tall, 5-3/4 inches wide and 1-1/4 inches thick. The stand has both a front and back door and there is a slotted opening in the top. A wooden plaque, 9-1/2 inches by 4 inches is carefully shown by the magician. Displayed on it is the head of the “Fraidy-Cat” rabbit. This, the performer explains, is the famous “Fraidy-Cat” rabbit. The magician quite obviously does not display the opposite side of the plaque, which is now inserted into the slot of the holder.

The performer, after quite obviously turning the holder and its plaque around, asks the  members of the audience to yell “Boo!” After the thunderous response, the door of the holder is opened and the Fraidy-Cat Rabbit has turned white with fright! The door is closed, the holder again turned half-way around, and the audience is asked to yell “Boo”  backwards! After a very confused chorus of “Oob, Oob,” the door is opened to reveal the Fraidy-Cat Rabbit back with his original black color. This piece of business is repeated several times.

As the audience demands of “turn it around” and “let’s see the other side” get louder and more persistent, the performer removes Fraidy-Cat Rabbit from the holder. After the usual sucker business of turning the plaque sideways and upside down, etc. , the performer shows the opposite side to reveal…not the white rabbit face but the black back (cottontail and all) of the Fraidy-Cat Rabbit! The white rabbit has completely vanished! Both doors of the holder are opened to that nothing is concealed!