Frank Garcia’s Sponge Balls Book (First Edition)


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Good pre-owned condition. Good clean condition. A Gene Gordon Product. Moves, routines, and ideas with sponge balls. Fourteen pages, with illustrations. This book was sold by “The Magic Shop” in Harford Connecticut and their stamp is on the bottom of the first page and what appears to be a pen price mark of $3.00 at the top of the page.

The author is world famed for his magic. This dandy little book on sponge balls will be of great use in teaching you moves, routines and ideas.

Frank Garcia sets forth a routine in detail to make it easy to learn complete with illustrations.

Then he goes on to a “Lesson In Misdirection” which include the Magic Count.

Following this are Garcia’s Krazee Sponges, The Perfect Sponge Vanish, A Basic Routine For Beginners, and a Color Change Routine, followed by a Square and Cube Routine.

Excellent clear instructions!