Giant Three Card Monte (Camelot Creations)


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Note: This came from an old magician’s estate buy-out. Comes with all three special cards, the folding easel/carrying case, and the original instructions. The only faults that we can see are that some of the white sections of the frames are scuffed and the white areas of the cards themselves show some discoloration from age. See the pictures for a better understanding. The cards all work well and change from a Jack to a Queen or vice versa without any problems.

Unquestionably one of the greatest audience tricks of all time!

Magician shows three giant cards….Two Jacks and one Queen. He places them on an easel, backs toward the audience, requesting that the position of Queen be noted. The cards are slowly moved as in the famous Three Card Monte trick. It seems certain that the Queen is at one end – and spectators are not slow to call out its position. But when the card is turned face outward it is a Jack. The spectator’s second choice is also turns out to be a Jack. The magician then shows the Queen.

Magician says, “I’ll do it again,” and he does. Spectators are sure that the Queen is the middle card but they see their mistake – so they pick an end card. Again they are wrong. They pick the other end card. Again they are wrong. The first card shown proves to be the Queen!

And now magician shows how to pick out the Queen, using a handkerchief to mark the Queen. And believe us when we say that picking out the Queen is more exciting than ever. Even though the Queen is marked, it turns out to be a Jack – and the magician is the only one who is successful in picking out the Queen!

Each card is mounted in painted wooden frame. Cards are processed in a combination of four brilliant colors and are 15-5/8 inches tall by 11 inches wide. Each card is fitted with a silencer for close-up performance.

Complete with a carrying case which transforms into an easel, set on any table hang over back of chair, etc. The case measures 35 inches long by 17 inches wide by 1 inch thick.

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