Gizmo Box (Import) (Stained Finish)


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UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES! Deception to the Extreme!

A great easy-operating wooden vanishing box! Produce, vanish, or exchange silks and other small flexible items. This Gizmo Box is one hundred tricks in one!

For example: Show the Gizmo Box empty at anytime and then produce yards of silks! Or use it to perform a Flag Blendo where three separate silks are put inside and then you pull out a large flag!

Or put in a one foot piece of rope and have it turn into a piece that is six feet long!

Use the Gizmo Box to restore a cut necktie! Perform a 20th Century Silks routine or a Color Changing Silks effect and lots more!

The creative performer will find hundreds of uses for the Gizmo Box!