Good Memory Successful Student (Harry Lorayne)


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Would you like to have a terrific memory? Perhaps you are a high school student who would like to remember cube roots and cubes. You may be studying law, with all those precedents-or medicine, history, psychology, equations and formulas,
literature, electron dot symbols, the laws of physics, even the Morse Code. Maybe you would like to remember what you read as you read it, or remember what a lecture was all about after it is over. This system works with anything you want to commit to memory.

In order to learn, you must be able to remember, and that is what this book is about. Harry Lorayne, who invented the memory systems explained here, guarantees that if you learn his methods and apply them, you will have a better memory. In an earlier volume, Mr. Lorayne introduced these concepts to elementary schoolchildren; now he carries them further, into the realm of abstract thought and “difficult” material, material with which high school and college students must cope.

If you can read, then you can learn these systems. They simply involve using Peg words and Substitute words for abstract material and Linking the information mentally. Once you have learned the basics you will find that the method is also fun. In addition, if you apply the systems, you cannot help but become a better, more confident student. You will learn faster and retain what you learn longer.

Hard covers with a dust jacket; 223 pages; copyright 1973; first edition