Harry Kellar Levitation Poster


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Harry Kellar, born Heinrich Keller, was the most popular magician at the turn of the century. As early as the young age of 10 a sharp-as-a-tack Kellar experimented with chemicals resulting in a hole in the floor of his master’s drugstore. Fearing sanctions, Kellar ran away and devoted himself to vagabond life.

At the age of 12 he met the Fakir of Ava (born Isaiah Harris Hughes), a New York based magician. Kellar, impressed by the fakir’s skills, made the decision to master the art of magic and assisted Hughes for 6 long years.

After his years of apprenticeship Kellars own shows became an international success. He toured many nations and even multiple continents and created many classic magic routines still famous today. The grandmaster of escapology and magic Harry Houdini chose his first name after Harry Kellar.

While Kellar was an acclaimed magic artist, the here advertised Levitation illusion did not stem from Kellars own brainpower. He hired a rivaling magician’s stage assistant and with him the genius behind this trick was added to Kellars portfolio.