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This booklet details more routines, tips and tricks with the “Haunted Key” than you ever knew existed.

You’ll find the “Haunted Key” trick listed under the Mental Magic category in our store.

Soft covers, staple bound, 12 pages.

Here are tips, handling, and patter to enhance the presentation of this too seldom seen close-up miracle. The real secret is carefully explained so more can master this masterpiece.

Eugene Burger, Max Maven, and others have stressed the importance of using an engrossing patter story with The Haunted Key. Here are five new scripts from which to choose. All of what is described was developed using The Haunted Key supplied to magic dealers by Fun Inc. of Chicago. We highly recommend their product. It is the only Key we have ever used. Hank Moorehouse should win a medal for introducing the new and better Haunted Key, a mortice key which he found in England. The 3 3/4″ key is a little longer than an American key and heavier at 3/4 ounce. The Key is perfectly balanced and a delight to work.

The Haunted Key is an intriguing close-up illusion that is great fun to learn. You will even fool yourself. Paul Harris recommends magic that produces astonishment. The Haunted Key is astounding. The performer mentally tells the Key to turn over. Small muscles in the palm of the hand obey the mind and imperceptibly turn the key. The Sex Detector, a small weight at the end of a string that swings in a circle or back and forth on mental command, uses a similar mind-to-muscle principle. Daily practice will maintain the muscle to mind cooperation.