Practical Mental Effects by Annemann


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It’s the greatest book for the mentalist/magician to see print in over half a century. Between the covers of this book are to be found the finest of modern day miracles by the leading performers in this field of pseudomentalism. Tricks that have baffled thousands are clearly explained for your immediate use. Here is Annemann at his best! Tricks upon which he built his reputation!

They’re all here, plus the better mental effects from his famous Jinx Magazine – making in all a gigantic collection of up-to-the-minute, audience tested effects that are in a class by themselves. It’s superb!

Effects with: Billets & Pellets, Publicity Effects, Dead or Alive, Book Tests, Thought Foretold, Miscellaneous Masterpieces, Envelope Necromancy, Miracle Slate Routines, Money Mentalism, Blindfold Reading, Mentalism with Cards, and Psychic Codes.

So you’re not a mentalist? Not interested in making tricks? No matter, here’s material that any magician can, and every magician should use. Most of the effects can be presented as straight magic.

Soft covers; 318 pages; edited by John J. Crimmins, Jr.; page size 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″.

Two hundred tricks! 13 chapters!