Zufall’s Memory Trix #3 – Calendar Memorizing


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Note: This came from an old magic shop buy-out. There is a previous price sticker mark in the upper right hand corner on the front cover. Otherwise the booklet is in new condition.

Effect: Members of the audience call out any date (Gregorian Calendar) from 1752 to 2000 A.D. or beyond. You tell them INSTANTLY the day of the week on which that particular date fell or will fall.

As they call off birthdays, wedding days, anniversaries, or any other important day in their lives, you inform them without hesitation that such date fell on a Tuesday, a Saturday, or whatever day it happens to be.

Working in another way, ask them the day of the week and the date of the month on which they were born-and surprise them by telling them their exact age!

Soft covers, staple bound, 13 un-numbered pages.