Hippity Hop Hares (India)


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The performer displays ten cards, five of which have pictures of pink Hares, and five of grey Hares. The pink and grey Hares are separated into two face down heaps. A leader card is placed in front of each heap, face up. The heaps are changed around, but the pink Hare always turns up in the heap under the pink leader card, and the grey Hare under the grey leader card. This is repeated several times, inter-changing the heaps or leader cards, and the hares always correctly follow the leaders.

The best part of this trick is that there are no double or multiple lifts, false counts or sleights. The trick is almost self-working in nature as long as the proper sequence of moves are followed as described in the detailed instructions. Cards can also be totally examined if you wish. You’ll find this to be a really fun and novel approach to the classic “Follow The Leader” effect that uses regular red and black playing cards.

There is also a bonus effect included that makes a great follow-up to Hippity Hop Hares” or it can be performed on its own.