How to be a Handcuff King and Mystery Man


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You can learn this fascinating profession. The world opens its arms to the successful illusionist. Mystery is fascinating – it grips the interest, holds the spectator awed and breathless. These men possess no marvelous power. They know the trick – that’s all.

It’s very simple when you know how. We supply the missing link – the secret that has made these men famous. We show you just how those marvelous tricks are performed in this informative little four page manuscript. Surprise and mystify your friends.

Contents includes:

The Handcuff Trick

Escape From A Vault or Large Safe

Secret New Vanishing Assistant

The Crack Marksmanship Act

The Marvelous Levitation Act

The Excelsior Rope Tie

The Wonderful Trunk Escape

Escape From 75 Feet of Rope