Hydrostatic Dollar


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This effect is so called, because it is an impromptu, close-up version, of the classic “Hydrostatic Glass”. However, it uses salt in place of water, so strictly speaking the word hydrostatic is something of a misnomer. On the other hand, the effect is so similar that the title seems appropriate, even if it is not completely accurate.

EFFECT: The performer displays a dollar bill in his otherwise empty hands. It is rolled into a tube. A visiting card is held against the lower end of this tube, forming the bottom of an improvised “cannister”.

Taking a salt shaker, the magician proceeds to pour the contents into the tube. This is continued, until the latter is completely full. Murmuring magic incantations, the magician slowly withdraws the card. Instead of the contents of the tube being disgorged all over the table top, the salt mysteriously remains suspended inside the bill, apparently defying gravity.

There it stays for as long as desired but, on the word of command, without any apparent action on the performer’s part, the salt cascades from the tube. Finally the bill is unrolled and displayed all round. The magician’s hands are quite empty.