Impossible Coins Across (Matt Fore)


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This will make for a highly entertaining and amazing addition to your act!

Perfect for close-up, parlor or on the stage for hundreds of people. This is not just another coin trick but instead a professional show piece well within the range of any skill level.

Effect: One coin out of four is selected by the spectator and noted. A random colored sticker is chosen and marked with the spectator’s name or initial. This sticker is placed on the selected coin. The other three coins are held by the spectator as they stand well away from you. The marked coin vanishes in a very clear manner and reappears in the spectators hand! The coin is verified! This looks like real magic. You will be amazed at how fair, clean, and magical this effect is.

The magic happens chest high and in the spectators hand so it plays wonderfully from the stage as well as from two feet away. This will become part of your performing repertoire. This is a real worker!

You’ll learn an easy-to-do barehanded coin vanish that you’ll be performing in minutes. No pockets, no sleeves, no topits, no magnets, no moon dust. The vanish alone you will use for a lifetime!

This is truly an effect that is easy to learn, packs very small and plays very big. Comes with tray, bag, stickers and a DVD that teaches everything you need to know including all the comedy lines and byplay. You just supply a glass and some coins. Matt Fore’s “Impossible Coin Across” is not just another coin trick but a show piece! Will make a great new addition to your act!