Improved Mental Logs


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You are a human computer who can add faster than any calculator. You can also perform Clairvoyance, and predict totals before the numbers are seen by anyone. Beautifully made, with engraved numbers on anodized metal rods.

Effect: Performer displays four rods with different numbers on all sides. A  spectator is invited to toss the rods and assemble them, and total the numbers on a calculator. The performer calls out the total of the numbers even before the spectator has managed to enter a single number on the calculator. This can be repeated as often as you like, with a different result, because mathematically there are 6,144 different totals possible with the same rods. In fact the effect can also be performed with 1,2,3, or all four rods, and there are literally several thousands of different totals.

The basic effect conveyed by the performer is of a human computer that can add totals faster than any calculator. With this new improved version of the Mental Logs, you can also perform this as a feat of Clairvoyance, by predicting the totals even before the numbers to be totaled are seen by you or the spectator. For this sort of presentation the spectator throws the four logs, and assembles them together. You immediately write the total down on a piece of paper. The spectator is now invited to turn all the logs over, and total the numbers on the opposite side, which are on view for the first time. Needless to say the total matches what you have written on your slip of paper.

The props are beautifully made, with engraved numbers (which will never wear off), on metal rods, anodized in attractive color.