Jardine Ellis Ring 24K Gold (Viking Mfg.)


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An incredible penetration of a solid brass ring through a solid wand or cord held by a spectator. Viking’s Ellis Ring is made in the traditional brass-ring styling but it is now plated in 24K gold! No more dull rings that need to be polished. The ring is approx. 2.5 inches in diameter.

EFFECT: The performer slips the ring over the end of a solid wooden wand. The spectator now holds onto each end, yet the performer is able to remove the ring with little or no effort. The ring can be examined at any time and any wand may be used.

For another effect, the ring is placed over the thumb of a spectator which is then covered with a hank. The performer reaches underneath the hank and visibly removes the ring. Then the ring is vanished and when the hank is removed by the spectator, the ring is found back on the spectator’s thumb!

Made in traditional Viking quality. Complete with various routines. We have only mentioned two effects but many many more are possible with this unique precision-made prop. We guarantee this is the finest, most versatile ring effect you will ever use. Suitable for close-up and parlor work. Supplied in custom pouch.