Kennard’s Mystery Box


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Here is a classic close-up mystery penetration that you definitely want for your show!

Effect: A brass ring is placed on the floor of a small wooden box. The front and back doors of the box are closed. A miniature magic wand is placed in the slotted holes existing on the upper side walls of the box with the ends of the wand protruding outside the box. The performer makes magical passes around the box, then takes out the wand and there comes the surprise. The ring is found to have risen from the floor of the box and penetrated the solid wand while both ends of the wand have remained in view! Both doors of the box are open thus showing clearly that there isn’t a duplicate ring.

The ring, box, and magic wand can all be examined by the spectators and nothing will be found to explain how the trick was accomplished.

The box measures 3-5/8″ tall x 2-3/4″ wide x 2″ deep. Stained exterior with felt lined interior.