Knife Thru Coat….Complete


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This is the best “Knife Thru Coat” ever to come along!

Effect: A magician borrows a spectator’s coat. The victim holds their jacket or sports coat by the shoulders and the magician holds a piece of news paper with a target secured in the center of the paper with a hoop, over the back of the coat. The magician takes a large knife and shoves it through the coat and the newspaper.

The paper is then taken away and the knife is still poking thru the material of the jacket. The hole is then magically repaired and to the spectators delight, the coat has not been harmed!

You will be blown away by the ease of this new method!

Everything you need is included except for the jacket and newspaper.

Note: This effect is for mature adult performers and adult audiences. Not for children’s use or children’s shows. Sold only to persons 18 years of age and older.