Laflin’s Laugh-Lines (Duane Laflin)


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A Collection of Fun and Funny Stuff!

In this 96-page, softbound book Duane Laflin offers you lines that lead to laughs. Are you looking for a way to make a speech more interesting? Some jokes that apply to a favorite concept? Goofy stuff to use when entertaining a crowd? Comedy to illustrate a sermon or lesson? Laflin’s Laugh-Lines is the perfect place to start.

More than just a collection of jokes, this book is a gathering of funny things, organized by topic with many series of related jokes about key ideas, you’ll even learn how to develop your own comedy concepts. Laflin’s Laugh Lines also contains a bevy of audience participation gags, commonly referred to as “warm-ups” or “wake-ups”-useful tools for crowd control. Whether you’re an entertainer, church worker or civic leader, Duane Laflin’s Laugh-Lines can help you put together short comedy bits to keep any audience laughing.