Something Old Something New (Magus) 1st Edition


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This book contains lots of comedy for any age group with new patter and routines with apparatus, which you may already own. Entertaining children is generally known, to be one of the most lucrative branches of magic – and this contains plenty of kid stuff.

Also contained herein are Gospel Lessons, Mental Effects, and Escape Ideas. Everything with a novel setting for some of our most popular standard effects – such as: The Milk Pitcher, Egg Bag, Dove Pan, Vanishing Canes, Liquid Appear, Bang Gun, Six Card Repeat, and more! All audience tested!

First edition, copyright 1972, Louis Tannen, Inc.


  • Introduction
  • What Is An Orange Made Of
  • Polluted Mistake
  • To Conjure A Devil
  • Liquid Suspend
  • Black Bart Strikes Out
  • Vanishing Cane To Silk
  • Cane In Newspaper Vanish
  • Magus Queen Of Hearts
  • The Haunted Balloon
  • Scouting…
  • Glass In Hat
  • Hu-Can
  • Peace And Power
  • Why An Egg??
  • Liquid Asbestos
  • Repetition Of The Six Card Repeat
  • Wizard’s Spell
  • Knock Thru
  • Chair Suspension
  • Super-X Hospital
  • Special Delivery
  • The Magus Challenge Handcuff Act