Life Savers Book by Michael Weber


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Michael Weber’s collection of techniques and routines that can be performed with ordinary materials indigenous to particular locations. These routines can be quickly improvised in a variety of locations including at the office, in a restaurant or bar, a friends’ home, or just out on the town.

Contents include:

Improvised vs. Impromptu:
An introduction by way of definition.

The Expert at the Dinner Table:
You’re Uri
Coffee Machine
Hiding McBride
A Man for All Seasonings
Tear for Two (Ray Kosby)
Hot Production Item
Off the Deep End
Change of Seasons

Object Lessons:
Swatch This
The One-Two Punch
Thoughts of Tom Jacobsen
Down With Safety
An End to Pindemonium
Knot the Truth
Knocked for a Loop
Offhand Penetration

Little or Nothing:
Working Without a Grant
5 Cent Ring on Stick
Powers of Dimness
Penny Candy (Eric Maurin)
The Laying on of Hands
Directory Assistants By One’s Own Devices:
Satan’s Serviette
United Divinations
Improvised Pulls
The Wrigley Device
Flame Thrower

On Location:
Undercover Transposition
To Feed Many
The Cap in the Bottle
Sight of Hand
Dispensed Deception
Appealing Illusion
Just the Fax
The Ship in the Bottle
20th Century Ten

Special Effects:
A better Mousetrap
Stretching It
Four Dollars in Change

Hardbound and Illustrated; 165 pages; page size 6-1/4″ x 11″