Magic In The Making (Mulholland & Smith)


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Magic In The Making, A First Book of Conjuring by John Mulholland and Milton Smith.

Pre-owned, published by Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York/London, 1925. Hardcover, 134 pages, illustrated with drawings and some black and white photos. No dust jacket. Very good condition.

A detailed description of approximately twenty magic tricks including The Baker’s Arrow, The Stolen Apple, The Spectacles of Diogenes, The Invisible Scribe, The Tower of Cadiz, The Detective’s X-Ray, The Wishing Jewel, etc.

The tricks are preceded by a short section on the history of magic and followed by a chapter on general principles on making magic.

John Mulholland was a noted American magician and magician historian, editing the magic journal, ‘The Sphinx’ for many years, as well as touring and lecturing on magic.

He was also recruited and worked for the CIA in the 1950’s, teaching operatives sleight of hand techniques (Edwards, The Sphinx and the Spy). This was his first book on magic.