Magic Of The Hands (Edward Victor)


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This is a pre-owned book.

Louis Tannen, Inc. is the publisher of this edition when on Broadway. This edition has a few less pages than other editions by Louis Tannen, Inc. Staple bound in good condition. Text is clean and unmarked, binding tight, all staples and pages in place nothing loose. Covers are good but have some toning on the spine and outer edges with one small corner crease at the lower right corner of the front cover. First interior title page has a small toning mark at the lower right corner.

Edward Victor was president of the Magic Circle in England. This is a collection of what he considered his best tricks using various items. Cards, Coins, Silks, Balls, Cigars, Ropes, Slates and other items.

B&W illustrations, 110 pages, and a couple ad pages in the rear of book.


Author’s Forward

CHAPTER I……Some Useful Card Sleights I Have Proved Effective

The Pass
The “E.V.” Colour Change
The “E.V.” Invisible Double Lift
A New “Glide”
A One-Hand Force
The “Book” Return
Two “Handy” Sleights
Sighting the Top Cards
A Substitute for the “In-Jog”

CHAPTER II……… Card problems

Supreme Control
The Expert Deal
A Royal Exchange
“Sign, Please!”
The “Deo-Ace” Trick
The Thirty Card Trick

CHAPTER III………Conjuring With Coins

“A Silver Collection”
A Vanish for One or More Coins
The Changing Coin

CHAPTER IV………Handkerchief Magic

The “Super” Sympathetic Silks

CHAPTER V………..Billiard Ball Sleights

A Few Words on “Angles”
The “Direct Palm” Vanish
The “Throw-up” Vanish
The “Push-in” Vanish
An Elbow Vanish
An Original Colour-Change
A Continuous Ball Production

CHAPTER VI……….Thimble Sleights

The Hopping Thimble
The “Little Finger” Sleight
A “Slow Motion” Disappearance
A Triple Colour Change
A Sleight with Four Thimbles
A New and Original Thimble Holder

CHAPTER VII……………..Cigarette and Cigar Sleights

The “Closed-Fist” Vanish
The “Pull-Out” Vanish
The “Thumb-Pivot” Vanish
The “Finger-Clip” Vanish
Method of Producing a Cigarette or Cigar at the Fingertips from the Palm
A Change-Over Palm
Changing a Cigarette into a Cigar
The Magnetic Cigar
“Cigar to Money”
The Diminishing Cigar

CHAPTER VIII…………..My Rope Trick

CHAPTER IX……………An Idea For Slates

CHAPTER X……………Miscellaneous Magic

The Cigarette Paper Effect
A Match Divination
A Novel Matchbox Transposition
A Useful “Tip”