Magneteeze (Maurice The Great)


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This is a vintage pre-owned item. Good working condition.

After finishing with some other card tricks, the performer talks about the impossibilities of magnetizing paper, but being a magician he thinks he’s solved the problem.

The performer removes the face card of the pack and rubs it briskly on his shirt sleeve. The card is placed back on the face of the pack but falls to the floor. Another card is removed from the face of the pack and rubbed on the performer’s hair but when placed back onto the face of the deck, it too, falls off and onto the floor.

Then the performer remembers that the cards need to be rubbed on both the sleeve and in the hair for it to work. The next card used is rubbed on the sleeve and hair and when placed back on the face of the pack, it is seen to adhere to the pack. The card is pulled down about halfway from the other card behind it, and is seen to still be adhering to the card it is touching. Now the second card, the third card, and on up to the eighth card from the face of the pack, are all pulled slowly downwards from each other and they are all seen to be adhering to each other!

The remaining cards from the pack are placed aside as the eight cards are held in a horizontal position without falling apart. The cards are reversed to show their backs. Finally the eight magnetized(?) cards are closed back up and squared and freely shown in a fan. There seems to no explanation of the mysterious forces at play.

You receive the specially prepared Fox Lake cards, having blue backs, and the instructions. You must supply the regular Fox Lake pack to match.

Note: Once you have these specially gimmicked cads in your possession, and if your are handy, you can make this up with more modern Bicycle poker-size cards or any other brands you wish.