U. F. Grant’s Sliding Glue


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This is a vintage pre-owned item created by U. F. Grant. It comes with its original instructions which have some toning from age. The trick itself is in very good to excellent condition and working order.

The trick starts out where a small packet of cards is introduced and the eight of spades is used by the performer. He tells the audience that the card will magically reverse itself in the packet. The cards are closed up and turned face down. When the cards are fanned out a card is seen to be reversed but it is not the eight of spades. Upon looking through all the cards the eight of spades is found to have has vanished from the packet and is found inside the performer’s pocket! It is replaced back with the other cards.

Now the performer talks about his sliding glue invention. He squares up the packet of cards and apparently rubs some of his special sliding glue onto the face card of the packet. Next he introduces a small paper clip and places it on the face of the card. Now this card is slide away from the rest of the cards but because of the sliding glue the paper clip remains stuck to the next card at the face of the packet. These actions are repeated with all the remaining cards in the packet and the paper clip remains stuck to the card below the one just removed. Finally the paper clip is left stuck to the last card in the packet. Performer apparently removes the sliding glue and everything is passed out for examination and where nothing will be found by your spectators.

This is a very cute and novel card mystery that only someone as clever as U. F. Grant could have created.