McCombical Prediction Deck (Bicycle)


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The magician explains that he is going to expose the secrets of the fraudulent mentalists! The performer shows a prediction card to everyone in the audience, except for a volunteer audience member.

Now another deck is shown to the audience. This deck is the one the volunteer helper is going to select a card from. This deck is made up of all the same cards that match the prediction card just shown to the audience! Of course the audience chuckles as they apparently are in on the trick. Now the volunteer helper selects one card from the deck where all the cards are identical, but when shown to the audience, it proves not to be the predicted card! Now the audience thinks that the magician has failed.

Fortunately for the magician, and to the surprise and amusement of the audience, the card first set aside by the magician now matches the selected card!

This is a great entertaining routine that your audience will love! Simply of operation but powerful in effect. No sleight of hand required. You receive the two decks of prepared Bicycle poker-size cards and instructions.