Sand Frame (India)


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The Sand Frame is a classic prop, where a picture magically appears in an empty photo frame. This is a handy size model, for use with playing cards, or any pictures of this size.

You can cause a playing card to appear in the frame, to match a selection made by a spectator from any deck. You can also cover the Sand Frame with a handkerchief and hand it over to a spectator to hold. Later they remove the hanky, and find their card has appeared.

For kid shows you could use fairy tales or cartoon figures and so on. You could also cause pictures to appear which have an oblique reference to the selection. For example spectators are asked to name or write a country they would like to visit. A picture of a Statue of Liberty appears to indicate a selection of America, or an Eiffel Tower to indicate France, or the Taj Mahal to indicate a selection of India and so forth.

If using pictures of famous people, you could use a caricature of the person, drawn with White Chalk or Pastel on Black Cartridge paper. In this case you could cause the picture to materialize in a spirit fashion right before their eyes, without any cover!

You’ll find many great uses for the Sand Frame. A great value!

All plastic construction.